Episode 190 – Creepy and Scary Nintendo Moments (Ft. Stalfos)

It’s Halloween time with The Lost Levels! Listen in to hear our creepiest and scariest moments in our favorite Nintendo games! Look out for stories including moments from Zelda games like Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, creepy Paper Mario moments, plenty of spiders, a spooky tale from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and even the return of the haunting Donkey Kong! SuperZambezi hosts as SpiderStaryu, Sol, and special guest Stalfos join in on the discussion!


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  • XT

    Oh my god you know what guys you just reminded me of a game that I played before in my childhood Now this doesn’t relate to Nintendo because this is technically a multi platform game but I don’t know if you guys have ever played this game before but its a nickelodeon game that’s called The Fairly Oddparents Shadow Showdown and of course I had fun with this game but there is one particular level that LITERALLY made me want to take the game back!!! That level is called DADS DREAM!! That level scared me shitless but what made me feel VERY UNEASY was the music because in a certain part of this level theres a random laugh out of nowhere and that startled me almost made me quit the game but you know what I faced through it actually you know what I’m gonna show you guys the music and the gameplay of this level because it gave me nightmares after I beat it youtube.com/watch?v=_53DX41Gdlw

  • CuriousUser

    Surprised Dark Boo didn’t join this. His Name has a Strong Connection to Halloween, Dark “Boo”.

    • Dark Boo

      I had to work at the time the podcast was being recorded… :/

      • CuriousUser

        You have a Weekend job? There does seem to be a Good Reason for these Podcasts running on Weekends.

        • Dark Boo

          My job is 7 days a week hours change a lot

  • Dark Boo

    I had to work at the time the podcast was being recorded…. :/

    • DannyRaisin4

      I understand as a fellow college student I know the struggle is real. Hopefully next time you will have some free time to podcast