The Lost Levels is a podcast that was created in 2012. The purpose of the podcast is for listeners to get the latest Nintendo News. Along with the current news, we have 5 different yet outspoken members who give their personal input to various topics that we discuss. The topics ranges from retro Nintendo games to current Nintendo games to give the listeners a full spectrum of Nintendo’s Timeline. What makes this podcast a unique podcast is that we have 5 main hosts that each have a different personality as well as each host growing up in a different year of Nintendo gaming lifespan therefore making the heated and juicy debates something to listen to. We hope that you are able to sit back, get a snack or meal, and relax while you listen to our podcasts and also chime in! Give in your personal opinion about certain topics. We love to hear our viewer’s opinions on the topic at hand and we use this out-source to comment and speak to our viewers. We appreciate every viewer who listens to our podcasts because it is the source of power that we use that makes us strive to continue. Conclusively, we will like to give you our greatest appreciation to every viewer. We are thankful to have you all listen to our podcasts. Thanks a bundle!