Episode 189 – Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Discussion (Ft. Impadude)

Our search to find the next Lost Level is coming to a close, and one of our finalists is leading this week’s podcast to see how skilled he is in hosting! Today, we are diving into Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash! Though information about this game has been rather dry, we recently got a trailer and also, a look out the character roster! Which, by the way, totally doesn’t include Donkey Kong! According to Sol anyway! We talk about how amiibos will work, what character we would love to see in the game, are we buying the game, and much more! Impadude is our guest host this week, and he leads the discussion on this new Mario Tennis game! Are you excited for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash? If so, tell us in the comments below! As stated, Impadude is our guest host this week, and his co-hosts are SpiderStaryu, Sol, and SuperZambezi!


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