Episode 187 – Superlatives

The Lost Levels is coming at you with a new game show-podcast! Today’s fun podcast is about… Superlatives! Yes! …Huh, what’s that? You don’t know what Superlatives are?? Well, just like in school, they are to see who is most likely to do or be something! For example, “who’s most likely to be famous?”. We are using the Superlatives for our Lost Levels members today, and each Lost Level brought their fair share of Superlatives to see who has the best laugh, who would our first choice to steal a Star from in Mario Party, and so much more! The Lost Levels are also talking Halloween candy deals, Halloween costumes, Smash Bros, and more on “What Have You Been Doing?”!
SpiderStaryu hosts while SolSuperZambezi, and Dark Boo join in as today’s  co-hosts!

You can participate too! With our Superlatives shown below, post in the comments answering with which Lost Level you think best fits that Superlative! You can answer as many Superlatives as you want; make sure you tell us why you picked that member! When we release Podcast 189, SpiderStaryu will reveal some of your Superlatives during our “What Have You Been Doing?” segment!


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