Episode 159 – Japanese Mario Party 10 Release (Ft. YoshiMan222)

In celebration of Mario Party 10 being released very soon, The Lost Levels are going to be coming out with Mario Party 10 podcasts, all this month! This is a part of Mario Party Legacy’s countdown to Mario Party 10! You can see Mario Party Legacy’s full schedule here.

Mario Party 10 is the latest addition in the Mario Party series, and boy, are The Lost Levels excited! The crew is discussing what MORE we’ve seen from the release of the game in Japan, since there is more to say with the new info. There’s some great things we discuss, including MORE thoughts on the board and some discussion on the differences between Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10. We also discuss the recent results to the Mario Party Awards held on Mario Party Legacy, too, and there’s certainly a difference of opinion compared to the results. While the entire crew is here, we’re also joined by the BEAUTIFUL Canadian, Yoshiman222.


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