Episode 152 – Mario Party 10 News!

Mario Party 10… the game that we’ve had extremely mixed feelings about. Some are excited, some aren’t, and practically everyone is very confused on the game! But with the Nintendo Direct here, we have more to talk about with Mario Party 10, including new boards, a new mode, and some new characters. Be on the look out for a lot of Mario Party 9 rage, and how we hope Mario Party 10 will bleed out all the nonsense. Let’s just hope that it’ll all be fine and dandy in the final product, since it’s surely in the mind of every cast member of the podcast.


 Icon4SuperZambezi2  Icon3DarkBoo  IconT1SpiderStaryu  IconT2Toadette  Icon5Sol2
When a person’s image is transparent, that means they weren’t in the podcast.


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  • CuriousUser

    The Icons of the Hosts represent the ones they play as in MK8, even though SZ would actually be Metal Mario or DK or Waluigi, and SpiderStaryu would be his Mii.

    • CuriousUser

      How would you represent an image of someone that missed part of the Podcast, like they Overslept.

      • Dark Boo

        A brightened picture (Faded out)

    • SpiderStaryu

      I should use Metal Mario or Waluigi for SZ, idk, maybe I’ll change it. 😛

      And yes, good eye! The characters shown are who we play in Mario Kart 8! It’s true I use Mii the most in Mario Kart, but at the end of the day, Peach is my most favorite character from the Mario series! 😀

  • CuriousUser

    36:06 There should be Diddy Kong Spaces as well.

  • CuriousUser

    48:55 There could be a Board that has stuff to do with 2015 being the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros..

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfV8aKrUfC0wwtCypieUUA TwoDreamy Luigi

    Very detailed podcast. Love it.

  • CuriousUser

    This would be Spike’s first playable appearance if it’s playable. I also believe Waluigi will be in the game, he’s been in all Mario Party games since his debut.

  • Mother4Ever

    pretty good podcast (i didnt see it yet) but i know it’ll be good 🙂

  • DannyRaisin4

    Dark Boo always have me week!