Episode 109 – Yoshi’s New Island Review!

Today’s podcast is a special presentation of a podcast. The gang talks about the 3DS Title, New Yoshi’s Island. We get into the core of the game from the mechanics to the schematics and we compare it to its predecessor. Is this game better than the previous installment of Yoshi’s Island or not? You have to hear our opinion on the matter!

Joining the podcast today we have SuperZambezi as your host, along with regular co-hosts Dark Boo and SpiderStaryu. That’s not all though! We have 3 special guests joining us for this luxurious podcast, our guests AbdallahSmash026, Failboat103, and MegamanNG! They took the time out to dive into the meat, bone, and membrane of the game with us! We all hope you enjoy this podcast and be sure to visit our guest’s YouTube channels and subscribe to them!

AbdallahSmash026’s YouTube
Failboat103’s YouTube
MegamanNG’s YouTube


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