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Episode 214 – Star Fox Zero

By SpiderStaryu Apr - 30 - 2016 4 Comments

The Lost Levels have invaded Corneria! We talk all about Star Fox Zero this week! We also mention some stuff about Nintendo’s E3 2016 plans and PartyPlanner64!

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Episode 213 – Nintendo NX

By SpiderStaryu Apr - 24 - 2016 1 Comment

We talk all about the next Nintendo console, currently known as “Nintendo NX”!

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Episode 212 – Banjo-Kazooie

By SpiderStaryu Apr - 17 - 2016 5 Comments

We’re talking about the greatest game of all time this week, Banjo-Kazooie! At least according to SuperZambezi!

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Episode 211 – Competitive Pokemon

By SpiderStaryu Apr - 9 - 2016 3 Comments

Ever wanted to get into competitive Pokemon? Now’s the time! Sol and SpiderStaryu explain how competitive Pokemon battles work!

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Episode 210 – Miitomo

By SpiderStaryu Apr - 3 - 2016 1 Comment

The Lost Levels talk all about Nintendo’s hot new app; Miitomo! Toadette returns for an episode, and she’s hosting too!

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Episode 209 – Sol’s Quiz

By SpiderStaryu Mar - 26 - 2016 4 Comments

The trashy and wonderful Sol is hosting his very own quiz show! With categories including: Paper Mario, HOO HAA, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Mystery Box!

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Episode 208 – Paper Mario is DEAD

By SpiderStaryu Mar - 19 - 2016 2 Comments

Lately, the Paper Mario series has been getting worse and worse with each new game being introduced… what are our problems with the series right now? Listen to find out!

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Episode 207 – Twilight Princess HD

By SuperZambezi Mar - 13 - 2016 Add Comments

The latest Zelda remake has hit the Wii U and The Lost Levels are here to dive into over two hours of Twilight Princess discussion! Lots on the gameplay, the story, and plenty of spoilers!

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The Lost Levels talk ALL about the original Pokemon games; Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow! If you’re a fan of the first generation, you’ll LOVE this podcast! We also talk about the Nintendo Direct, and we sing the PokeRap at the end!

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The Lost Levels are playing Super Smash Bros for Wii U! They showcase the new DLC fighters Bayonetta and Corrin, while having over ten fun matches with diverse sets of rules! Let’s get this party started!

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