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All this month we’re talking about retro Nintendo games available on the Wii U/3DS eShop! Today we’re talking about Mario Kart DS!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Aug - 7 - 2016 1 Comment READ FULL POST

It’s the Lost Levels’ favorite, a quiz show! But, oh my, this one looks like it’ll be the greatest challenge yet…

Posted by AbsolPowers On Dec - 30 - 2015 2 Comments READ FULL POST

OBJECTION! The Lost Levels talk all about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Nov - 29 - 2015 3 Comments READ FULL POST

It’s time for the Super Mario Awards! The Lost Levels pick their favorite Mario titles from a variety of categories. Fan picks included!

Posted by SuperZambezi On Oct - 8 - 2015 16 Comments READ FULL POST

We let you listen to our favorite Mario music across the many Nintendo systems! We also list some of you, the viewers choices!
This is Part 2: GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U Mario music are in this part!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Oct - 5 - 2015 5 Comments READ FULL POST

The Lost Levels each list their 3 least favorite boards from across the Mario Party series! Tell us your 3 least favorite boards in the comments! Guest starring Nintega Dario!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Aug - 30 - 2015 3 Comments READ FULL POST

Bust out your wallets and credit cards; it’s time to shop till you drop!

Posted by AbsolPowers On Nov - 16 - 2014 17 Comments READ FULL POST

With the shutdown of Nintendo’s DS and Wii servers, the Lost Levels discuss and recollect over the older Wifi days

Posted by SuperZambezi On May - 25 - 2014 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Have a favorite Nintendo console? Find out which ones the podcast crew love as they look back at every Nintendo console and handheld in the last 27 years.

Posted by SuperZambezi On Nov - 4 - 2012 Add Comments READ FULL POST

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