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The Month of Wii continues with our episode on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

Posted by SuperZambezi On Dec - 17 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

The Lost Levels talk all about the Game Boy Color classic; Link’s Awakening DX! This game is beloved by many, for good reason! Also, Sol, SpiderStaryu, and Dark Boo have recently met up IRL! Keep listening to find out all about that!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Aug - 15 - 2016 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Zelda was the primary focus for Nintendo at E3 2016, and boy did they deliver! Listen in to hear what we thought about all the new footage, along with SuperZambezi’s time with the demo.

Posted by SuperZambezi On Jul - 2 - 2016 2 Comments READ FULL POST

This week we spill all our speculation and predictions for The Legend of Zelda for Wii U and NX! Get excited, E3 2016 is just a mere 10 days away!

Posted by SuperZambezi On Jun - 5 - 2016 3 Comments READ FULL POST

From older shows like the Saturday Supercade and The Legend of Zelda to newer cartoons like the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and the new Star Fox Zero short, we discuss it all!

Posted by SuperZambezi On May - 8 - 2016 4 Comments READ FULL POST

The trashy and wonderful Sol is hosting his very own quiz show! With categories including: Paper Mario, HOO HAA, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Mystery Box!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Mar - 26 - 2016 4 Comments READ FULL POST

The latest Zelda remake has hit the Wii U and The Lost Levels are here to dive into over two hours of Twilight Princess discussion! Lots on the gameplay, the story, and plenty of spoilers!

Posted by SuperZambezi On Mar - 13 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

It’s the Lost Levels’ favorite, a quiz show! But, oh my, this one looks like it’ll be the greatest challenge yet…

Posted by AbsolPowers On Dec - 30 - 2015 2 Comments READ FULL POST

Today The Lost Levels give their thoughts on November’s Nintendo Direct! Yoshiman is our guest host today, and DreamyLuigi also guest stars!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Nov - 15 - 2015 2 Comments READ FULL POST

It’s another LIVE episode, this time featuring The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes! Join our latest episode as we traverse the Drablands and let the shenanigans ensue!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Nov - 8 - 2015 7 Comments READ FULL POST

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