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The Lost Levels are here to celebrate our 6 year anniversary! We talk about Nintendo Switch, Mario Party: The Top 100, what games we’ve played in 2017, and… Toadette is back! This is not an episode you want to miss!

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The Lost Levels are doing an emergency podcast today! It’s all about Nintendo’s next home console, the NX… Oh, whoops! I mean, Nintendo Switch! *snap*

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It’s the GameCube’s 15th Anniversary! We celebrate it by showcasing some of our favorite tracks from our favorite GameCube games!

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From older shows like the Saturday Supercade and The Legend of Zelda to newer cartoons like the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and the new Star Fox Zero short, we discuss it all!

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It’s the Lost Levels’ favorite, a quiz show! But, oh my, this one looks like it’ll be the greatest challenge yet…

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Today we talk all about potential sequels to Mario games we love! Nintega Dario is guest hosting the podcast this week!

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The Lost Levels have got you covered on all the hottest Nintendo games to buy this holiday season!

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It’s Halloween time! The Lost Levels goes over our creepiest and scariest Nintendo moments in our latest podcast!

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We look at our favorite Mario music across the many Nintendo systems! We also list some of you, the listeners picks!
This is Part 1: NES, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Gameboy Advance Mario music are in this part!

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The Lost Levels discuss Super Mario Maker! Please tell us in the comments what type of levels will you build in Super Mario Maker when it comes out!

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