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It’s the GameCube’s 15th Anniversary! We celebrate it by showcasing some of our favorite tracks from our favorite GameCube games!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Sep - 26 - 2016 3 Comments READ FULL POST

The Lost Levels have got you covered on all the hottest Nintendo games to buy this holiday season!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Nov - 22 - 2015 Add Comments READ FULL POST

It’s Halloween time! The Lost Levels goes over our creepiest and scariest Nintendo moments in our latest podcast!

Posted by SuperZambezi On Nov - 2 - 2015 7 Comments READ FULL POST

The Lost Levels are covering the latest news at E3 2015! Make sure you comment telling us your opinions about the latest games, and what you thought of Nintendo’s E3 line-up this year! Also, we’re joined by TwoDreamyLuigi and Yoshiman222 who guest star to say what they think!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On Jun - 17 - 2015 11 Comments READ FULL POST

With the shutdown of Nintendo’s DS and Wii servers, the Lost Levels discuss and recollect over the older Wifi days

Posted by SuperZambezi On May - 25 - 2014 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Animal Crossing New Leaf gets discussed hard! We also have YouTube Lets Player/Reviewer, Knightwing01 joining us! Along with Mialannahi Nelson from Tumblr!

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Animal Crossing is on the agenda today!

Posted by SpiderStaryu On May - 11 - 2013 Add Comments READ FULL POST

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