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We discuss Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash this week! Will there be more modes? How will amiibos work? Is the character roster good? Is Donkey Kong in the game?! All questions answered in today’s podcast! Impadude is our lovely guest host, competing for the open on The Lost Levels!

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Let’s dig in to a special episode of the podcast, all on Shovel Knight. Our possible next Lost Level, Yoshiman, is hosting to see if he truly is the best candidate for the job!

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This week, we are talking about Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon- games not having story, Puzzle and Dragons: Mario Edition, Splatoon, and much more!

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The Lost Levels play a game to test how similar we are to one another! You can play too, by listening and commenting below!

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Amiibo’s are currently being RAVED over by the fans of Nintendo, so why not let The Lost Levels dish on their opinions on these collectable figures, too?

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