Episode 250 – The Final Level

It’s finally here! The fifth anniversary episode of The Lost Levels! …And sadly, also, the last episode of our podcast. Yes, it’s true. Episode 250 is the final episode of the podcast. We’ve come a long way over the last five years, but we’ve all decided that now is a good time to close the book on our long history. We thank everyone for all the support we’ve gotten over the years! We have pulled out all the stops to make sure we have an amazing final podcast! What’s one amazing thing we did? This podcast is not only in audio form… but VIDEO form too! See the faces behind the voices on our YouTube account!

This episode is filled with memories and good vibes, along with listener messages and heartfelt goodbyes. There was so much to say that the podcast is… 5+ hours long!!! We had to split it into 2 parts because it was so long, we’ll detail what each part consists of below. We hope you all enjoy it and help us say good-bye to The Lost Levels Podcast! Thank you all for all the support!


The Lost Levels play some podcast games from the past! Including Superlatives, Nintendo Alphabet game, and a Nintendo quiz show! We also go over EACH AND EVERY of our past 250 episodes! At the end, we read some of our mailbag; questions sent in by you the listeners! SpiderStaryu, Dark Boo, Sol, and SuperZambezi are all present in this one! All on webcam too!


Download: MP3 (03:30:38)


Now that we’ve had our fun in Part 1, see a different side of The Lost Levels in this very emotional closing of the podcast. We talk about our thoughts on one another (and one word/adjective we would use to describe each member!), hopes for the future, and if we would consider doing a re-union in the future.

SpiderStaryu, SuperZambezi, Dark Boo, Toadette and Timmy are present in this one!
*Toadette and Timmy may not be on webcam with us, but they left us a goodbye message, so your other Lost Levels get to say goodbye too!


Download: MP3 (02:12:55)


 SuperZambezi  DarkBoo  SpiderStaryu  Sol Toadette Timmy


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