Episode 212 – Banjo-Kazooie


It’s finally time to discuss the beloved Banjo-Kazooie, a classic title for the Nintendo 64! The game is considered one of the greatest games of all time, at least according to the all knowing SuperZambezi! This episode of the podcast gets into the gameplay, the mechanics and controls, the huge variety of levels and worlds, the collecting aspect, how it compares to games today, and plenty more! Today’s podcast is hosted by SuperZambezi of course, and he is joined by SpiderStaryu and Dark Boo. No trash this week!

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 SuperZambezi  DarkBoo  SpiderStaryu  Sol

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I am a joyful 19 year old dude who loves everything Nintendo, particularly Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, and Kirby. I have plenty of roles through out the MPL network, which include: Being an Admin of the MPL Forums, being a Writer here on the website, and also being part of MPL's podcast, The Lost Levels. Outside of MPL, I'm a Let's Player on YouTube.

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  • CuriousUser

    Nice job you have with the Thumbnails there. Dedicated to what the topic of each episode is.

  • CuriousUser

    21:50 In donkey Kong 64, unlike Banjo Kazooie, the 3D Mario Games and many other games, there’s no Air Metre. C’mon, the Kongs don’t have gills.

  • CuriousUser

    1:11:30 SpiderStaryu created that challenge? Like me, he was only 2 years old when Banjo Kazooie came out, so it couldn’t have been him that made the challenge. He doesn’t even work for Rare.

  • CuriousUser

    1:47:13 There’s a Banjo Tooie Podcast next podcast? Thought you’d talk about Star Fox Zero, which releases this weekend, but you can still do a Banjo Tooie Podcast. SFZ’s release date in my part of the world is the same day as my 20th Birthday Fun Fact.

    I guess Sol was excluded from this Podcast because he wasn’t born when the first Banjo Kazooie came out.

    • SuperZambezi

      No Banjo Tooie next week, we just said that we have to do an episode on that game as well!

      No Star Fox either. I’m not sure we’ll have enough for it, plus we’d want at least a week to play it.