Episode 207 – Twilight Princess HD


The latest Zelda remake has hit the Wii U and The Lost Levels are here to dive into over two hours of Twilight Princess discussion! Lots of discussion on the gameplay, the story, the characters, and of course, plenty of SPOILERS! How did we like the changes and new GamePad features? Which dungeon required the most skill? How did we interpret the scene with Lanayru and the presence of Interlopers? Why does the Mirror of Twilight exist? All this and more in our latest episode on Twilight Princess HD! Dark Boo is hosting this week and he is joined by SuperZambezi and special guest Stijn!

As we just mentioned, Stijn van Wakeren is our special guest this week, and you can find him and his work (check out his music for the game Under Hero!) at the following social media links!

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

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