Episode 198 – Supersized Quiz Show

Probably the greatest tradition the Lost Levels has had over the multitude of episodes in the catalog is, of course, the quiz shows! What seems to have become commonplace with the special quiz shows is a overarching selection of questions… and a twist! Usually, answering a question first AND correctly grants the player 2 points. However, this time, if the questions was yours originally, and you answered it both first and correctly, it’s 3 points! If you want more fuel to the fire, listen in to the second part, because all the points count double from then on. It’s a photo finish to who won, so you’ve got to listen in till the very end! Our dashing host this evening SuperZambezi, and the contestants we have lined up are Sol, Dark Boo, and SpiderStaryu.
Icon4SuperZambezi2 Icon3DarkBoo Icon5Sol2

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  • CuriousUser

    Happy 2016. Might I say that Toadette’s still on The Lost Levels logo, but the host Toadette has now retired, each characters represents each member I thought (The Dark Looking Boo is Dark Boo, Fire Peach is SpiderStaryu, Toadette is Toadette (having now retired), the Blooper is Sol, and the Dry Bones is SuperZambezi). Taking you’re time to find a New Member I guess.

  • CuriousUser

    58:38 Thought there’d be No More Mario based Questions at that Point.