Episode 188 – Shovel Knight (ft. Yoshiman222)

Our search to find the next Lost Level is coming to a close, and one of our finalists is leading this week’s podcast to see how skilled he is in hosting! This week, we’ve decided to discuss Shovel Knight, an indie platformer that quickly grabbed attention of older and newer gaming fans alike in 2013 on Kickstarter. Since then, he’s become one of the best known indie characters and has even stirred up rumors of making an appearance in Smash Bros. He also has claimed the first third party amiibo and gotten it’s first batch of DLC with “Plague of Shadows.” All of this, and more, will be discussed on this special episode of The Lost Levels. Of course, Yoshiman is here today to host, and Sol and Dark Boo are the co-hosts.


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Download: MP3 (01:12:12)

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