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SuperZambezi On June - 9 - 2015

E3 2015 is just around the corner! To prepare for the big show next week, specifically the Nintendo Digital Event airing Tuesday, June 16, The Lost Levels is preparing an E3 2015 predictions episode that will be released this Saturday on June 13! Each member of the podcast will go around and share their very own predictions for the show, according to the categories below:

Main Predictions

  • Three Wii U predictions.
  • Three 3DS predictions.
  • One general E3 prediction (anything gaming related, Sony, Microsoft, etc.).
  • Three franchises that will return.
  • One crackpot prediction (something crazy that will never come true).

Specific Questions

  • Which will have a bigger focus, 3DS or Wii U?
  • How much of Zelda Wii U will we see? (Nintendo has stated that Zelda won’t be at E3 this year – but you never know! Nothing is an acceptable answer.)
  • What will be said on the Nintendo NX? (Just like Zelda, Nintendo has said nothing will be said on NX at E3 this year.)
  • How many and what new DLC characters will we see for Super Smash Bros. at E3 (or the Smash stream on Sunday)?
  • What will be the final game/thing shown during the Digital Event (last year it was Star Fox)?

While The Lost Levels will be sharing their predictions in the big episode this Saturday, the listeners will be sharing their predictions in the comments section of this article! Try to follow the format above and see how you compare to other listeners and eventually to our own predictions! If we see any particularly interesting predictions, we might read in the episode! Try to keep in mind the same rules we will be following:

  • Try not to overlap. Try to keep Wii U and 3DS predictions separate from your three returning franchises and the specific questions.
  • It’s okay to use predictions you had last year, as long as they didn’t come true.
  • No obvious answers, please. Saying Star Fox will get a trailer is too easy. Saying Mario Maker will get a release date is too easy.

And enough talking! Let’s get ready for the big show and start predicting! For those who want to listen to last year’s predictions episode for E3 2014, click here!

  • MarioManiac01

    - Star Fox U
    - Animal Crossing U
    - Paper Mario U
    - Chrono Trigger 3D (I might want to try it out)
    - Super Mario 3D
    - Chibi-Robo U
    - Kirby Super Star 3D
    - Amiibo RPG for Wii U
    - Nintendo NX system/slogan reveal
    - Bring back Earthbound, F-Zero, and Metroid
    - Bigger focus on Wii U/NX
    - For Zelda U, a gameplay trailer with bosses, a few dungeons, items, and a release date.
    - NX games, launch titles, release date, price, usage, Eshop, backwards usage, ect.
    - Shantae, Shovel Knight/Rayman, Magalor, Bandana Dee, Klonoa, ect.
    - Amiibo RPG to build up suspense and because I can’t think of anything else.

    • Spiny Bro

      You said amiibo RPG twice

      • MarioManiac01

        I meant that they would reveal Amiibo RPG at the end.

  • http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/ Bowser498

    Wii U Predictions:
    -Mario Maker Release Date announced; new info with new screens and content, such as ghosthouse or forest theme with music settings and new items/enemies (too bad lol)
    -Super Mario Galaxy 3 announced
    -Paper Mario U
    -Mother 4 announced
    3DS Predictions:
    -New Super Mario Bros 3 announced
    -New F-Zero Game
    -An IMPRESSIVE Mario Party 11
    General E3: Microsoft and Sony’s announcements will be LAME and people won’t like it :P Also, a new wave of Amiibos will be shown.
    -Paper Mario
    -Mario “Party”
    Insane Prediction: NINTENDO KART!
    Specific Questions:
    1. Wii U
    2. Not too much; maybe a release date
    3. Potentially a new console
    4. Rayman, Ice Climbers, Bandana Dee, Daisy (4)
    5. Mother 4

    • Mother4EverX

      Bow wow I love you even more with all the Earthbound love LOL XD

      • http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/ Bowser498

        lol thanks Mow Wow! :D

    • Black YOSHI ^_^

      Love that you threw an impressive Mario Party 11 in there . Just know your not the only one !!!!!

      • http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/ Bowser498

        I know lol
        And it better be good! ;)

        • Black YOSHI ^_^

          Yes . Fingers crossed . Cause I’m done with the car , gave it a chance with TWO games . Time to retire it

  • MagiKooper

    Main Predictions:
    Paper Mario U
    Metroid U
    A Kid Icarus Uprising Port in WiiU. Gamexplain said it earlier and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since. This game would look incredible in HD, everything about this game was flawless, the dialogue, the characters, the scenery, and all of that would enchanced if it was in HD. The only problem with the game was the controls which Nintendo could probably fix with the gamepad.

    3DS Predictions: Only have 2
    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga 3D – COME ON PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!
    A game that revolves around Amiibo and Streetpass.

    General E3 – Um don’t really care about Sony or Mircosoft however Square Enix has a few new games that are gonna be at E3 so i’m interested to see what they are.

    Three Franchines:
    The Earthbound/Mother series.
    F-Zero series
    The Golden Sun series – I pray to the great gaming god Miyamato that this series gets revived with Golden Sun 4. Golden Sun was Nintendo’s Final Fantasy, and I loved it, I really hope it makes a comeback this year.

    Crackpot Prediction: Sega and Capcom giving Nintendo rights to their characters, doesn’t get crazier than that.

    1: I personally think this year will be more focused upon WiiU games instead of 3DS seeing how the 3DS had a bit going for it last year. However this year, all it seems to have is Fire Emblem IF.

    2: I think Aonuma will kinda keep his word, but kinda break it too. I really think he meant that Zelda U wouldn’t be PLAYABLE at E3, not Zelda U wouldn’t be at E3 at all. The most I hope for is a trailer.

    3: I honestly have no idea about the NX. Maybe they’ll give a hint on it and what to expect or maybe they’ll say expect it next E3. But I honestly don’t know.

    4: I don’t want to be greedy with the DLC. I really don’t but, I hope to see 2 new DLC characters 3 at the most. Be a miracle if both of them were 3rd Party. My top hopes are Rayman, Shovel Knight, and Shantae who is pretty much confirmed to be in the game, we just need a trailer. But yeah um I expect Shantae or maybe a Nintendo character like K. Rool or Issac from Golden Sun.

    5: The end of the Event…..Ok this MIGHT be overlapping sorry, but…I honestly hope we get a small peek or small presentation of the NX. Just a small look at it, what it looks like, what it can do and a time frame for a release which will probably be set for 2016 – 2017.

    Hope you can use one of these. :)

  • A wild KINGZ appeared

    Wii U

    - Mario Maker final trailer

    - Star Fox Wii U

    - Next Amiibo wake ( Duck Hunt, R.O.B, Game&watch,Falco,Lucas and Mewtwo)

    bonus maybe
    - pokken tournament for Wii U full game in 2016 however this is more likely a winter 2016 release so wont be at E3


    - maybe hint at a big year for Pokemon next year for 20th anniversary, but nothing more

    - Animal Crossing Wii U/new 3DS not certain which one

    - new IP for 3DS only

    - Fire Embelm IF

    E3 gaming genral

    Rare may announce a Banjo Kazooie game to counter Yooka-Laylee

    Three franchises that will return.

    1. Metroid

    2. Mother

    3. Duck Hunt Game

    also I think F Zero will happen but not this year 2016 instead.


    - Luigi’s Mansion 3 I want it so bad unlikely but has a chance.

  • Luigiguy567

    Wii U Predictions:
    -Super Mario Sunshine HD (Similar to how Winder Waker HD was designed to fill the gap between Zelda U, Sunshine HD could do that for the unknown future 3D Mario Game).
    -Mother 3 will be released over seas as a digital release only for Wii U.
    -New Mario Sports Game (Could be a completely new sport or a new installment of a past sport).
    3DS Predictions:
    -New Metroid that is a sequel to Metroid: Fusion.
    -New Wario Land Game made by Next Level Games.
    -New Pokemon game. (Either a new generation or Pokemon Z)
    General E3:
    -Microsoft will finally show a trailer for Left 4 Dead 3.
    -Paper Mario
    -Wario Land
    Crackpot Prection:
    -Super Mario RPG 2 (With the return of Geno and Mallow)
    Specific Questions:
    -Wii U
    -Possible teaser for Zelda U
    -Nothing will be said about the NX
    -(Hopefully) Roy revealed on the Sunday stream, while Wolf and Ryu are revealed at E3.
    -The Ryu Trailer for Smash Bros.

    • MagiKooper

      Now that’s a crackpot prediction. :P

  • Brookelas

    Wii U Predictions:
    -Animal Crossing Wii U
    -Paper Mario Wii U
    -Mario Baseball Wii U
    -BOLD Prediction: We WILL see something Zelda U, including a name reveal

    3DS Predictions:
    -A new 2.5 Metroid Game that takes place AFTER Metroid Fusion
    -Pokemon Z
    -Mother 3

    General E3: Since I don’t give a damn about anything else, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 trailer???? :P

    Franchises I hope return: F-Zero, WarioWare, 3D Mario (collecting stars type)

    CRACKPOT: We will get a name and trailer for Legend of Zelda U, as well as a Super Mario Sunshine HD.

    The bigger focus will be on Wii U.

    For Zelda U, see above. Nothing on NX however.

    DLC for Smash: I could see Wolf coming back, and possibly a new DK Rep: Most likely King K, however I REALLY would like Dixie. Personally, I do not think Ryu will make it into the game.

    The last thing shown would definately be a new Mario Game to tie into the 30th Anniversary.

  • J.C.

    Wii U:
    -Animal Crossing U
    -Paper Mario U
    -Wii Winter Sports U
    -Metroid 3DS
    -Pokemon Z
    -Nintendo will dominate E3 once again
    -F-zero, Mario Sports title(s), Wario
    -Nintendo/Smash Kart
    -It’s the “Year of the Wii U” in my opinion
    -Miniscule to nothing of Zelda U(Progress, Screenshots)
    -Nothing, as Iwata stated
    -Bandana Dee! Rayman, Shovel Knight, Shantae
    -Paper Mario U

  • MarioLover

    My E3 Predictions!

    • J.C.

      I really hope all of that comes true!

      • Mother4EverX

        J.C!!! OH MY GOD YOUR BACK!!!!! =D

      • MarioLover

        :D Wow!

  • MarioLover

    From last year in June, the Zelda Wii U was named, “The Legend Of Zelda: Shard Of Nightmare

    • Mister Sushi

      … named by the public.

      • MarioLover

        Oh, right!

        • Mister Sushi

          Personally, I think the title is kind of fitting.

          • MarioLover

            Yeah, I know right!

  • Mister Sushi

    I’m just crossing my fingers for Animal Crossing Wii U!

    • MarioLover

      Me too! :D

  • Braystar
  • Mother4EverX

    Wii U predictions:
    -Luigi’s mansion 3
    -Kid Icarus U
    -Animal Crossing U
    3DS predictions:
    -Metroid 3DS
    -Mario & Luigi 5
    E3 Prediction:
    -Capcom will agree to give mega man to Nintendo. And they reboot the series
    Returning franchises:
    Crackpot prediction:
    -new Ice Climbers and Duck Hunt game for Wii U. Available right after this presentation :D
    Specific questions:
    -Wii U DUH
    -just a teaser trailer but then again Nintendo could be lying and we’ll get an overview trailer and demo…wouldn’t mind that one
    -it’s actual name and an image of what it’ll look like. What it’ll do will probably be revealed next E3 or late winter
    -just 3 new characters like every E3. Maybe Wolf, and 2 newcomers for August, October, and December DLC.

    • J.C.

      A very nice list! :)

      • Mother4EverX


        • J.C.

          Hiiii! *Kirby Voice*
          Yep, I’m back and just in time to E3!
          Hopefully, I won’t miss it… That would be tragic!

  • CuriousUser

    For E3 I Predict:
    *New Mario game-No E3 Presentation can be complete without atleast 1 Mario game shown for the first time. Luckily Stop Motion Reggie was proven wrong with the announcement of Mario Maker and Mario Party 10.
    *Mario Maker-More elements shown off, followed by a release date for the west.
    *Punch Out U-Seeing how Stop Motion Little Mac appeared in the Digital Event along with Sop Motion Fox, who we know is getting a new game.
    *Zelda Wii U-Atleast the Official Name of the game for E3 this year, as well as a slight peak of the game’s plot.
    *New Metroid game for either 3DS or Wii U.
    *Final Name for the new Fire emblem game.
    *Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem-Think it’ll release this year, seeing how long it’s been since it was first shown back in January 2013.
    *Kirby’s Return to Dreamland follow up-Just about every Wii Game has had a follow up for the Wii U, and there’s not been a system without a Kirby game where you copy abilities.
    *Star Fox Wii U-Finally our first look. Would love to see how Fox and co. turn out with more detailed fur. Plus, if the game’s recorded in Seattle, I think Mike West will be voicing Fox for this game.
    *Pokemon Z-No Pokemon Adventure has not yet a third game, I’m surprised this still hasn’t been announced yet.
    *Pokken Tournament.
    *Animal Crossing for Wii U-Time seems right.
    *Teaser at the end-Like how Miyamoto teased us on a New Star Fox at the end of last year’s Digital Event, I think we’ll get a teaser from Sakurai on Sora’s next project (probably home console exclusive this time) that he’d have started work on after completing Smash 4.

    What not to expect is:
    *Yoshi’s Woolly World-Since it’s out later this month, it probably won’t be in the Digital Event, but it may have a Demo of the Final game, like NSLU did at E3 2013.
    *Xenoblade Chronicles X-From lookinng at Nintendo’s past presentations, no game has been shown at E3 for more than 2 years, nor have they shown off a game released outside North America. I could be wrong.
    *DLC on already out games-None of Nintendo’s past presentations had that, so I’m sure this will be the same, even MK8 DLC was predicted to be shown at E3 last year, but we were proven wrong (it got revealed Late August).
    *eShop-They show a trailer of snippets from eShop games, but they don’t talk bout any in particular at E3 Presentations. Any announcements like GCN Games will probably be saved for the Next time there’s a Direct.
    *Amiibo-The 7th and Last Amiibo Wave can be announced in the Next Direct, as with the 2nd half of Super Mario Amiibo, since E3 is focused on trailers/major reveals for Upcoming Games.

  • CuriousUser

    Last Year’s Digital Event had 11 upcoming games shown off (4 for the first time, 2 more officially), along with some Developer Stories, and a Teaser at the end. We might have more or less in this year’s.

  • Rodney Jenkins

    Here are my Wii U predictions, but don’t know if it’s gonna happen:
    1. Mario Baseball for Wii U
    2. Mario Tennis for Wii U
    3. Mario Golf for Wii U

    I can’t think of anything for the 3ds predictions.

  • http://seimix.jcink.net/index.php DiddyKongDerp

    Wii U Predictions:
    *New Mario Baseball,Golf,Tennis and maybe Strikers game.
    *Probably more info on Zelda U
    *A new Metriod game
    *More info on Star Fox U
    *Roy Trailer(For Smash 4) and more DLC info.
    *Gamecube virtual console?

    3DS Predictions:
    *Super Nintendo virtual console
    *Game Boy Advance virtual console
    *More Smash 4 DLC info.
    *Probably a DK64 remake.

    I know this is very short, but I don’t own a Wii U and I can’t think of many things for 3DS…(This may also just be my fantasy)

  • http://gthing64.tumblr.com/ GThing64

    While I am usually just a lurker here, I did want to leave my thoughts here anyway…

    Wii U
    - Something Mario-related. Most likely a sport game but I’m still holding out for the big 2016 3D platformer following the recent resurgence from games like YookaLaylee and a Hat in Time.
    - They might follow Splatoon’s success with a new IP.
    - We’ll finally see what Retro and Next Level have been working on, possibly relating to one of the above.
    - And to break the rule of three, an amiibo killer app would be nice to see.

    - Mostly the same as Wii U tbh..

    - Last Guadian rises from the dead
    Returning franchises
    - Metroid, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus
    - FZero. Yep, it’s gotten to the point that this is considered crackpot now.

    Wii U will be the focus, we may see a teaser from Zelda (since we got 3 trailers from Smash in ’13 when we were only promised screenshots) and NX and the DeNA/Universal deals will be a no-show, with a possible Direct in the future for non-3DS/Wii U stuff. As for Smash stuff, I think we might see an early breakdown of the ballot with an announcement of the first character from that, plus one character chosen seperately from that. Last game of the Digital Event? I’d say Metroid.

  • Kirby

    Wii U
    Mario Maker (Duh…)
    SSB4 DLC
    Possibly Mario Party 11
    Pokemon: Kanto remakes (The series’ 20th aniversity is coming up, I don’t see a 3D classics for Red/Blue coming soon)
    new Kirby Game or Remake of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

  • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/david_5001 Everyday Luma

    Wii U;
    -Super Mario Galaxy 3 (or 1 and 2 HD remake.)

    -Animal Crossing U
    -Trailer and new events for M&S 2016 announced.
    -Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon info.
    -Hyrule Warriors 3DS
    -NEW Nintendo 3DS exclusive games.
    General E3:
    Activision might announce a new Skylanders game to compete with amiibo.
    Hotel Mario 2 announcement.

  • Wiiukid9

    Nintendo e3 prediction.
    Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Sunshine hd or 2
    Mother 3 or Mother 4 ( 20th anniversary! )
    Mario Maker dlc ( insane prediction. 3d mario making. )
    A game including amiibo no, JUST amiibo, like nintendo land.
    A Mario sports game ( hoping for Mario football! )
    Yoshi’s Wooly world
    Teaser for Zelda U
    Pikmin 4
    Animal crossing

    3ds predictions
    new metriod game.
    Paper mario thousand year door sequel
    Pokemon remake. ( probably diamond and pearl )
    Super princess peach 2 ( LOLJK )
    NX predictions

    • Wiiukid9

      I forgot Mario Generations wii u and 3ds

  • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/david_5001 Everyday Luma

    What is wrong with disqus? I make a comment with my predictions and it disappears. I keep thinking that the admins deleted it because thy didn’t like it. And then when I’m looking through at the predictions, I find it with the comments made 10 hours ago when mine was made 4 hours ago.

  • AD

    Wii U-
    Paper Mario 5
    Luigi’s Mansion 3
    Pikmin 4
    New SSB4 Characters and Modes
    Earthbound Game (new or VC)
    New Mario Spinoff

    Hyrule Warriors 3D
    Fire Emblem If (definetly what I’m most hyped for)
    New Mario and Luigi Game
    New SSB4 Characters and possibly a new mode
    New Pokemon game

  • Spike “R” Jagger

    I hope to see a new 3D Mario game, and more info on Mario Maker.

  • Green Piggy

    Nintendo stated that there aren’t going to be any Mario games except for Mario Maker (Mainstream Mario games) So I guess I’ll predict Mario Baseball or Mario Dtrikers for either Wii U or 3DS

    • SuperZambezi

      Where was this said?

      • Green Piggy

        believe Gamexplain found out some how. I don’t remember

  • Toon Link Smash

    Wii U
    New paper mario game or remake
    An HD remake of mario galaxy 1 and 2 put in a bundle???
    New metroid for Wii U
    33ds (mostly New 33ds)
    If not for Wii U New 3d mario for 33ds
    Splatoon port in 3d very unlikely
    Metroid for 33ds parallel to Wii u and 33ds like Smash
    Confirmed Hyrule Warriors 3ds
    Announcement of New rewards program
    Zelda U will get small teaser with big surprise
    ND will only get the usual announcement date treatment that Nintendo always says 2017
    Mario maker will be able to be paired with 33ds but only to play levels not build them
    Final thing will be Zelda U
    Also GameCube for virtual console

  • Boo3DSmashBoo

    I know it’s late and probably people won’t see this comment, but better late than never:
    -A 3D Metroid for Wii U, lots of people say that it’s gonna come to the 3DS instead but honestly I don’t think so
    -Punch.Out!! for Wii U, you know those strange feeling that you have sometimes, I’m having one right now
    -Paper Mario for Wii U, it’s my favourite series ever, predictable or not I want to see it anyways
    -Super Mario Maker, even information and hopefully confirmation of the Koopalings
    -Mario Sports, any Mario sports really, there hasn’t been one on Wii U yet and it can either be a sequel to Sports Mix, a project from Camelot or a new Mario Strickers from Next Level Games
    -Star Fox U, it’s confirmed so… yeah
    -A new IP for Wii U like Splatoon was last year
    -A new Kid Icarus or a remake of Uprising for Wii U
    -The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for 3DS
    -Fire Emblem 3DS
    -Pokemon Z, I don’t think there’s a new gen coming, I feel like it’s too soon and I also think it’s weird to announce a new gen at E3, Game Freak usually announces them at the start of the year
    -Hyrule Warriors for 3DS
    -A non-clay Kirby adventure for either Wii U or 3DS
    -GameCube Virtual Console coming to Wii U, it’s the only system without counting with the crappy Virtual Boy that isn’t on eShop
    -Yooka-Laylee for Wii U, that’s me being a fanboy, but it would be awesome nonetheless
    -The Amiibo adapter for the regular 3DS
    -New ways to make me lose my money

    I don’t we are going to see F-Zero anytime soon to be honest, unless it’s for 3DS, but still

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