What Are Your E3 2015 Predictions?

E3 2015 is just around the corner! To prepare for the big show next week, specifically the Nintendo Digital Event airing Tuesday, June 16, The Lost Levels is preparing an E3 2015 predictions episode that will be released this Saturday on June 13! Each member of the podcast will go around and share their very own predictions for the show, according to the categories below:

Main Predictions

  • Three Wii U predictions.
  • Three 3DS predictions.
  • One general E3 prediction (anything gaming related, Sony, Microsoft, etc.).
  • Three franchises that will return.
  • One crackpot prediction (something crazy that will never come true).

Specific Questions

  • Which will have a bigger focus, 3DS or Wii U?
  • How much of Zelda Wii U will we see? (Nintendo has stated that Zelda won’t be at E3 this year – but you never know! Nothing is an acceptable answer.)
  • What will be said on the Nintendo NX? (Just like Zelda, Nintendo has said nothing will be said on NX at E3 this year.)
  • How many and what new DLC characters will we see for Super Smash Bros. at E3 (or the Smash stream on Sunday)?
  • What will be the final game/thing shown during the Digital Event (last year it was Star Fox)?

While The Lost Levels will be sharing their predictions in the big episode this Saturday, the listeners will be sharing their predictions in the comments section of this article! Try to follow the format above and see how you compare to other listeners and eventually to our own predictions! If we see any particularly interesting predictions, we might read in the episode! Try to keep in mind the same rules we will be following:

  • Try not to overlap. Try to keep Wii U and 3DS predictions separate from your three returning franchises and the specific questions.
  • It’s okay to use predictions you had last year, as long as they didn’t come true.
  • No obvious answers, please. Saying Star Fox will get a trailer is too easy. Saying Mario Maker will get a release date is too easy.

And enough talking! Let’s get ready for the big show and start predicting! For those who want to listen to last year’s predictions episode for E3 2014, click here!