Episode 161 – Join In: Mario Party 10 (Ft. Impadude & DreamyLuigi)

We’ve been talking about Mario Party 10 all this month! And we’re finally going to close it off with opinions from viewers like you! We casted two people from the Mario Party Legacy community to give their thoughts on Mario Party 10! You probably know them, they guest starred on the podcast before; re-introducing… Impadude and TwoDreamyLuigi! We talk once again about Mario Party 10, getting our guests opinions, and some new opinions from The Lost Levels! Have our opinions changed about the 3 modes? Do our guests like the 3 modes? Do they want Bowser Party to return? Do they think Mario Party 10 is better than Mario Party 9!? Only wait to find out is by listening!

We hope you all enjoy Impadude and TwoDreamyLuigi, we had a blast talking with them! We cannot forget our Lost Levels though! The super juicy SpiderStaryu, is hosting yet another “Join In” podcast! Also joining are his lovely co-hosts: Sol, Toadette, and Dark Boo!


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