Episode 158 – Mario Party 10 Modes Discussion

In celebration of Mario Party 10 being released very soon, The Lost Levels are going to be coming out with Mario Party 10 podcasts, all this month! This is a part of Mario Party Legacy’s countdown to Mario Party 10! You can see Mario Party Legacy’s full schedule and vote in our polls here.

Everyone’s scrambling to get their thoughts and speculation on Mario Party 10 before it comes out; and The Lost Levels are no exception! In this week’s episode, we talk about the 3 major modes in Mario Party 10 and what we think about them! The 3 modes are: Mario Party, Bowser Party, and amiibo Party! Each mode is very different, and unique. We discuss things like, for example: “Is Bowser Party too much in favor of Bowser?”. Don’t just stand there, you can answer too, tell us if you think it’s biased in the comments! And let us know which mode you’re most excited to play! Toadette is our host today, with Dark Boo, Sol, and SpiderStaryu joining as co-hosts!

All videos we were watching were from “NintenDaan“, be sure to check out his YouTube channel! Link to the videos below!
Bowser Party  amiibo Party  Mario Party


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