Episode 156 – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Ft. Impadude)

Last week, we made a post, asking if anyone wanted to join in on Kirby and the Rainbow Curse podcast! Some people couldn’t make it, but we are joined by an very amazing person, I’m sure a lot of you know him; introducing, Impadude!

We’ve been playing Kirby and the Rainbow Curse as much as we could in one-day’s time, and we cover some great stuff about the gameplay, and some of the game’s extras like all the treasure the game has to offer, like the fantasticly designed figurines, and awesome music remixes! This game is amazing, and we would definitely recommend all of you pick it up! Definitely a great game to add to your Wii U library! Today’s podcast may be shorter than usual, but the flavor is still there! We hope you all enjoy Impadude!


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