Episode 150 – 3 Year Anniversary!

Three years! Can you believe it? Three full years of ear-candy, rants, game discussions, and more rants. The Lost Levels Podcast has evolved quite a bit over the years, new members, old members, new formats, and more. Listen as we reminisce on old memories, such as past jokes and heartfelt moments. We reinvigorate the formula we used for our 100th podcast, because it’s episode 150 as well! There’s so much to say, and so much to listen to, making this one of the longest podcasts we’ve ever done; oddly enough, the length is due to being sentimental. No matter your thoughts on the preface, this is one episode that you simply cannot miss, as we pick our brains even a little bit. It’s been a great three years, and let’s hope to see more in the near future. Heading the way is the classic host, SpiderStaryu, with full cast-co-hosts, SuperZambezi, Dark Boo, Toadette, and Sol.

(Plus, a happy 7th anniversary to the Mario Party Legacy site, as well! We recorded a bit ahead of the podcast anniversary, but it seems everything is falling into place today!)

Download: MP3 (02:29:41)

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  • AbsolPowers

    Three years!
    This calls for a whistle sound effect! (Insert it here)

    Forreal tho, I haven’t experienced like, ALL of these three years, but I’ve been around for a good half. So, I am pleased to say it’s been a great, well, certain amount of time, and despite getting rather sentimental towards the end. Uh, well, we’re still going recording as scheduled. Look forward to a Nintendo Direct Podcast this Saturday. I mean, Fire Emblem hype anyone? MARIO PARTY HYPE HELLER?

    (Also, I’m serious about that audiobook thing. If/when I become famous enough for it, I WILL write a book and they WILL write a part each and they WILL record them reading it when I make said audiobook.)