Episode 149 – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

It’s finally here! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has been out for a little while, and for the first podcast of the new year, the crew is here to spread the love on the adventure-puzzle game. Of course, with the game we discuss Toads themselves, the backstory of the original version of the game, our favorite levels, and so much more! The general consensus agreed that the game was very good, and all of us highly suggest getting the game. It’s on Wii U now, and it’s cheaper than most games, so why not grab Captain Toad for yourself. A character near and dear to The Lost Levels’s heart appears in the game… but! Leading the way on this journey is our captain, Toadette with SpiderStaryu and Sol, as her brave, exploring cadettes.

Download: MP3 (01:26:53)

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  • http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/ Bowser498

    Yes!!! I love this game. For me, I’m now stuck on the final level, “Mummy-Me Maze Forever”. It is so aggravating! 😛 On another podcast’s comment, I gave the game a 93/100 🙂

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfV8aKrUfC0wwtCypieUUA TwoDreamy Luigi

      Hi, Bowser498. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is a very charming game. A small Toad gets to ride a gigantic dragon, that’s boss.

      • http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/ Bowser498

        I definitely agree! 😉

  • Green Piggy

    I feel that 100% that game is frustrating.
    P.S.=- Sorry Staryu 🙁

  • CuriousUser

    Captain Toad could have more games without Mario. Captain Toad could be in the Next Smash Bros. Installment, representing his Own Franchise.

    • Santa Bro

      I think he is going to be DLC in the mario series.

  • Person McPerson

    This year should be called “Year of Toad.”

    • http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/ Bowser498

      More like the Year of Toad and Bowser! (30th year) 🙂

      • Mister Sushi

        What about Peach T_T

        • http://www.mariopartylegacy.com/ Bowser498

          Just forgot… Added!

  • Mister Sushi

    I seriously LOVE your intro music.

    • SpiderStaryu

      Thanks! I think I can speak for everyone on The Lost Levels; we all love it too! 😀