Vote for the First Video Game Lodge for an Upcoming Episode

The Lost Levels is starting a new series on our weekly podcast! The Video Game Lodge (VGL for short) will have listeners of The Lost Levels pick a game that everyone will play that month. At the end of the month, an episode will be featured on the game, complete with listener feedback, opinion, and questions.

This is how it works. At the start of the month, we will run a poll on a few select titles. After a week of voting, we will announce the game with the highest votes and allow everyone two weeks to play that game. At the end of the month, we will have an episode on the game. We want the listeners to be able to interact with each other as they play the game and we want better interaction with fans on the podcast. The titles we select for voting will have some kind of similarity (Zelda series, online multiplayer games, etc.), and we want to pick games that will be easy to obtain and play.

Since we are announcing this halfway through the month of July, this month’s poll will only run until Sunday. Not only that, but we are only leaving one week to play the game. The games for this month are some that many probably already own: the four titles available from the Mario Kart 8 Free Game deal in North America!

What Game Should the Community play for July?

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As stated, we will announce the winner and offer a location where everyone can chat and update their progress as they play on Sunday.

  • SuperZambezi

    Pikmin 3 for me. We have talked about The Wind Waker and the NSMB series in the past, plus I think a lot of people got Pikmin 3 for their free game.

    • Person McPerson

      is the lost levels a different website from mariopartylegacy? because instead of seeing “mario party legacy” next to “comments,” I see “The Lost Levels.”

  • AbsolPowers

    Vote for Pikmin 3

  • Vipsoccermaster

    I went with Pikmin 3. Would love to hear about what you thought about the game. I know that I helped Dark Boo a bit by giving advice on a better control method to play.

  • Tyler Treese

    NSMBU since I wanna hear you talk about the awesome starry night level

    • AbsolPowers

      Painted Swampland, I think is the level name. That’s actually a pretty, but pretty boring, stage. I hope, however, it’s stylistic choices can be incorporated into Mario Maker.

      • Tyler Treese

        Broke my daggum heart </3

  • Where’s Honey Queen?

    ohhh. I like this idea. I voted for Pikmin 3 anyway, ‘cuz I freaking adore the game, and it’d be nice to hear about other thoughts of it.

  • MarioMaster810

    Gotta have a dose of Mario! ^_^

  • Mariofan3110

    I voted for pikmin 3 😀

  • Green Piggy

    I voted Pikmin

    • Person McPerson

      me 2! i was orginally gonna vote for mario, but i thought nobody would vote for it…

  • Dark Boo

    Pikmin 3!!!! Yazzzzz

  • Dark Boo

    Pikmin 3!!! Yazzz

    • Bowser498


  • Bowser498

    Mario FTW!