Episode 125 – VGL #1: New Super Mario Bros. U

Hello everyone, welcome to the first ever Video Game Lodge episode of The Lost Levels podcast! Every month, we’ll have a poll for about a week on what game we should play, at the end of the month we’ll have a podcast about that chosen game! You, the listeners, will vote and play the game with us through out the month, and ask us some questions too, so we can increase our interaction on the podcast! You guys voted and chose “New Super Mario Bros. U” as this month’s VGL, you all have been talking about that here, and now it’s time to hear what The Lost Levels think about the game, and also we answer all your questions in this podcast! Today we have SuperZambezi as your host, along with co-hosts SpiderStaryu and Sol!

Download: MP3 (01:27:33)

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I am a joyful 19 year old dude who loves everything Nintendo, particularly Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, and Kirby. I have plenty of roles through out the MPL network, which include: Being an Admin of the MPL Forums, being a Writer here on the website, and also being part of MPL's podcast, The Lost Levels. Outside of MPL, I'm a Let's Player on YouTube.

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  • ImpaDude

    I’m relieved someone likes Daisy here

    • The Final 10 (AKA: RafalRib)

      Impa Dude remebering the past……. 🙂

      • Bowser498


        • The Final 10 (AKA: RafalRib)

          LOL Forgot the m !

  • Person McPerson

    whaaat?? new super mario bros wii is my favorite Mario game!

  • CuriousUser

    Next 2D Mario game is in need of 2.5D Gameplay, having Background and Foreground Interactions.

    • LudwigVonKoopa7777

      That’s similar to what Super Mario 3D Land did with Boom Boom’s first airship.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfV8aKrUfC0wwtCypieUUA TwoDreamy Luigi

    I feel like Nintendo is playing it too safe for Mario. They put effort for Kirby, Donkey Kong, Wario, & Yoshi, but not Mario. I don’t understand why they don’t put charming effort to a 2D Mario game. If it’s repetitive, add some new level themes or at least try because I know they can be creative with Mario. Where’s the Mario love, guys?

  • Green Piggy

    Notice how someone in the background shouts “Oh my God!” when SZ says “We’re doing a giveaway” 😀

  • Mister Sushi

    Sometimes I just listen to the beginning of the podcast over and over because of the awesome song xD

  • Bowser498

    My favorite part of the podcast: 45:43