Episode 123 – Story in Nintendo Games

Today’s podcast is focusing around story in Nintendo games! A lot of people feel Nintendo games just focus purely on gameplay and give story a backseat, but is that what The Lost Levels think? Find out that and more on today’s juicy podcast! We also mention some of our favorite and not-so favorite stories from the Nintendo games we love! Today we have SuperZambezi as your host, along with co-hosts Dark Boo and SpiderStaryu!

Download: MP3 (01:17:37)

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  • Green Piggy

    Good for you Staryu!

  • Tyler Treese

    Very smooth intro there, Mike. Can see you pulling a Ron Burgundy, “I am SuperZambezi?”

    Also I think you can spoil Link’s Awakening. 😛 Been out what 15 years?

    Loving the new site, congrats on the launch.

  • Bowser498

    Anyone notice that yesterday was Zambezi’s b-day! Happy b-day Zambezi! 😛