Episode 67 – The Future of Wii U


Welcome to The Lost Levels podcast! Today we discuss the questionable future of the Wii U! A topic thought up by one of our members on the forum, we decided to give our own thoughts on the matter, discussing what we think awaits the Wii U. We also discuss how the Wii U will turn out, and what could possibly boost it’s popularity! SpiderStaryu hosts with co-hosts Dark Boo and Toadette!

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I am a joyful 19 year old dude who loves everything Nintendo, particularly Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, and Kirby. I have plenty of roles through out the MPL network, which include: Being an Admin of the MPL Forums, being a Writer here on the website, and also being part of MPL's podcast, The Lost Levels. Outside of MPL, I'm a Let's Player on YouTube.

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