Episode 47 – Mario in 2012 Review Discussion

Welcome everybody to the Lost Levels podcast! Today we discuss the Mario game of the year! There’s been six Mario games released this year, which are Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games 2012, Mario Party 9, Mario Tennis Open, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and New Super Mario Bros. U, which was just released recently. We get into some real heavy discussion, and also, you definitely don’t wanna miss “The Juice,” some heavy ranting can be heard on a certain Christmas subject that annoys plenty of Christmas-loving folks! SuperZambezi hosts as SpiderStaryuDark Boo, and Toadette join in on the discussion!

Yes, we’re having a special for the next couple weeks, including today! Each week, other members of the Lost Level podcast besides SpiderStaryu we’ll be hosting the podcast the whole way through! They’re picking the subject in everything, so you can look forward to that! Feel free to tell us how you think SuperZambezi did on hosting!

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I am a joyful 19 year old dude who loves everything Nintendo, particularly Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, and Kirby. I have plenty of roles through out the MPL network, which include: Being an Admin of the MPL Forums, being a Writer here on the website, and also being part of MPL's podcast, The Lost Levels. Outside of MPL, I'm a Let's Player on YouTube.

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