Episode 44 – Toadette Anniversary / Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Welcome everybody to the Lost Levels podcast! Today is a special day in the Mario universe, today marks Toadette’s 9 year anniversary of being in the Mario series! (Well, at least in the North America!) We discuss all stuff Toadette in this podcast. You can listen in at the beginning to hear SpiderStaryu/SuperZambezi’s opinion on Paper Mario: Sticker Star! Have a Happy (United States) Thanksgiving everyone! Toadette hosts as SuperZambezi, SpiderStaryu, Dark Boo, and Timmy join in on the discussion!

Yes, we’re having a special for the next couple weeks, including today! Each week, other members of the Lost Level podcast besides SpiderStaryu we’ll be hosting the podcast the whole way through! They’re picking the subject in everything, so you can look forward to that! Feel free to tell us how you think Toadette did on hosting!

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